The Pop Culture Diaries

One Man's Lone Journey Through America At The Close of the Twentieth Century

Corporate sponsors vie for our souls.

Traditional values are under attack.

The New York Yankees simply will not lose a game this season.

And I'm the last one alive who can't program decently in HTML!

Welcome to one 24 year-old's take on life, liberty, and the pursuit of unhappiness in 1998... and beyond.

If you're looking for a frilly web page with lots of animated graphics, commercial sponsors, and tons of awards, you won't find that here. Not yet, anyway. I wouldn't be maintaining this page if I wasn't overeager for my share of the Net pie.

What you'll get here for starters, as this site kicks off in the middle of May, 1998, at the end of the author's 20 years in school, at the end of the Millennium, as we finally are on the verge of finding out:

Was Prince right all along?

is this: An essay a day of enduring insignificance (to paraphrase Reader's Digest). It's my thoughts on the reality that shapes us, and on the virtuality that the private citizens of the Web are hoping to shape.

At times, you'll laugh. At times, you'l vehemently disagree. At times, this page won't make an impression on you whatsoever.

But it's my piece of the Web, and I'd like to see what I can do while I'm here.

May 13, 1998: Mission: Impossible Statement
May 14, 1998: We Didn't Stop the Fire
May 15, 1998: The Last Hurrahs
May 16, 1998: Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence
May 17, 1998: Polls in the Pasture
May 18, 1998: Paradise by the Dashboard Light
May 19, 1998: Buffy the Angel Slayer
May 20, 1998: Nine Oh Two Oh No!

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