Dwelling of
rzah warbld rezhaz
The ilver ragon

The winds mumured....to the strangers that had entered the land of the ilver ragon.. where ..the trees had ears.....animals had voices....air was clear.....and .beauty was in the eyes of the beholder.......this land belonged to no one...yet the dragon seem to be the protector..........and if you listened hard enough..the words of the winds could be made out...."zoaha...zoaha"...the winds repeated......and it seemed to bring a calmness to all who heard it..but at the same time...puzzlement...fright..and most of all.... mystery...............

-I iD ThEe WeLcmE t a pLce mn hoUld Ee
i am known to many as rzah ,
i haven't been around the much, i rarely hang out at the The Castle. these days, so if you would like find me. Then ICQ would be your best bet. It's not that i don't like going to the Castle, but i don't have the time.
Actually if anyone is interested, i have a new HP, it's still under construction, but aren't they all...and if you wish to go and have a looksie, by all means do so. It's at
tell me what you think of Anyway... no more time for me to sit and babble on, i be off now, **Gryn**
frEwELl TrvElleR
hope you find what you seek, i know i have.

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    ~~~~~If your enemy comes to speak bearing a sword, opern your door to him and speak, but keep your own sword at hand. If he comes to you empty handed, greet him the same way, but if he comes to you bearing gifts, stand on your walls and cast stones down on him.~~~~

    ~~ Ones heart sometimes feels a strong yearning and responsiveness, and yet, at other times. it feels waning and disengaged. Take advantage of its responsiveness when inviting, and disregard what is offered when your heart feels dispondent.~~~

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