Rachel's Oubliette

Mu: Rachel's Oubliette

You have found your way into this godforsaken part of the web. I am sure you are now trying to think of how you can get out and where you can go.

You can get an index of my pages to more easily find what you want

If you want you can find out more about me.
Personal Information or look at my picture, or perhaps a picture of my family

If you are truly daring you can check out some of my poetry
My Poems

Check out my story, Images that I am writing.

And here is another story Damarvan that my brother and I cowrote, it is unfinished, maybe we'll add some more.

And here are true stories about the stupid things that have happened to me in school.

Or even go to my Miah's homepage which is also my own.
Miah's Homepage: George, Bob, and God

I have created a little personality test for people. I promise you will dislike the results; so take it.
take the test

If you want to know what "mu" and "oubliette" mean then you can find out.
But be warned, this is my oubliette, enter at your own risk.

And to find the best list, and links to really good homepages Death-and-Pineapples

I shall be generous and offer you these links to much more normal sites
Or get closer to the Internet Legend, Jason Mutford's webpage.

My brother's writings can be found here Joel Katz's Essays

I've changed the format, from now on email me the guestbook entry and then I'll ignore them as I haven't been maintaining these pages.
All the old entries were deleted so please sign in.
some guidelines for signing
view my guestbook
sign my guestbook please put the word, guestbook in the subject, if you want it to be entered into the guestbook.
Or just send me email telling me what you think.

beings have stumbled upon this page.

I recommend you not bother going here

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