Computers is a search engine tool that allows you to see several search engines at the same time, without banners, and with hints on how to use them. a picture search engine

Gateway Computers, Micron Computers, Dell computers all make outstanding machines and you can buy one online if you wish.

The home of the Palm connected organizer

The Handspring Visor- the iMac meets the Palm

Philips USA. The home of Nino, Velo and a host of other cool things.

Novell Networking software

Microsoft and Intel  The Microsoft Complete guide to the Internet (not quite, but a good site anyway)

Apple computers The Macintosh people

The CIAC Internet hoax page. Or what to do when someone sends you an e-mail that says "Beware of <<whatever>>  it will delete your hard drive!!"

Adobe Systems get your free copy of Acrobat Reader

Blue Mountain electronic greeting cards. KODAK has some good ones too.

A very good essay on web page design

Access Magazine is a monthly with a ton of good links.

AnyDay is a on-line Personal Information Manger. Really Cool!

Panda Systems can let you add wallpaper to System 7.x Macs

Piracy is bad! Ask Microsoft or The Software Business Alliance

PC World Magazine

Sign Maker make your own highway sign (does not work with all browsers.)

Rules for listing web pages in your bibliography

Science and Math Initiatives, Boulder, CO

PC Journal, a monthly magazine in St. Louis

The Terraserver
Warning the TerraServer needs a lot of computer and a FAST connection

Science and Math Initiatives of Boulder, CO

The Digital Penguin cool wallpapers.

UCE Used Computers and appraisers

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