Useful people to know

The American Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International     The Mark McGwire Foundation for Children

The League of Women Voters

The American Red Cross and the International Red Cross/ Red Crescent

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Askjeeves search engine not the best but easy to use

Planned Parenthood

The Infoseek Kids page. Lots of neat stuff

Frank O. Pinion, John Carneythe Big Bumper, and Paul Harris

The Baseball Hall of Fame

The Inventor's Hall of Fame

The  New Teen Driver's home page

Free Vibe What's cool/ what's hot for the 10-13 crowd.

Barbie Yes the 40 year old 12" high teenager has her own extensive web site.

Name That Candy bar. No, I'm not kidding.

The Liberty Bell Project

Alloy an E-zine for teen girls

The Benetton killer ads
This site is about killers and the clothing company that thinks they need a brake, may not be suitable for all age groups

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