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We love God more than Yuri.

zane's haircut

Yuri Zane Ruley is the drummer for MxPx, the greatest punk band in the world, signed to Tooth And Nail Records. He's one of the fastest drummers in the world,sometimes reaching speeds more than 250 bpm!! And to top it all off, he's a great and honest guy.

The photos above are from the Adelaide, Australia gig where the Yurislaw Fan Club began. The following account is from SnottBerry:

Obviously Mxpx's latest single, Chick Magnet, was always destined to be a crowd favourite. However, this occasion was made even more memorable by Mike (vocals/bass) dedicating the song to Yuri, (drums) after the constant crowd chants for Yuri (the lovable geek with a cult following in Adelaide). To top it all off, Mike halted the flow of the song Chick Magnet, and directed Tom (guitar) to replace Yuri on drums, so that Yuri could come to the front of the stage and dance, which delighted the crowd.

well it seems that you guys would like to know some stuff about me. I guess i'll start off with the simple boring stuff. I was born on june third 1976 my parents names are jack leroy ruley jr and wyn esterberg. my full name is yuri zane ruley. I moved around the united states quite a bit as a young child. my life was pretty normal, I got teased a lot, I looked up girls dresses. I was kind of a trouble maker, I remember always getting in trouble. everything was normal until about 1986 when my parents decided to get a divorce, that was a life changing experience as you can imagine. I live with my mom and soon to be stepfather, but my dad lives about an hour away and I try and see him whenever I can, although lately those times are few and far between, due mostly to the fact that we are touring almost constantly. but both my parents and extended family are very thrilled with what i'm doing, and they support me however they can.

and now on to the most significant part of my life. as far back as i can remember i've always had a desire to know God, although as a little kid I never really had a means to learn about Him. I went to church with my friends every once in a while, but i was never really that motivated. as soon as I moved away from the friends that I went to church with, I never went, until almost five and a half years ago, when I met this guy that I used to skate with. we became pretty good friends and one day his mom asked me if I wanted to go to church with them, I said sure what the heck, about a year later it became evident to me that God was real, and I gave my life to Him in May of 1992. I'm still practically in shock at the talents he has given me, I said I want to play the drums, and not even three months later, me mike and andy formed mxpx. and then not even two years later we were on a record label making records, and a year later we were touring the country having fun and meeting lots and lots of people, when I sit back and think about it im just amazed. but even with all that I know that I would have none of it without God.

what is a fan club without to secret info? this is my fathers nick name for me... yurislaw zanowski ruhleovich

drop by at the official MxPx homepage

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  • Mike - 12/22/00 20:47:18
    My URL:http://punkandanime.homestead.com/Openpage.html
    My Email:punkmike1@homestead.com
    Yuri, your the best and God gave me a gift to be good with the drums also.

    Ken Pratten - 12/14/00 09:09:03
    My URL:http://holdfastpunk.homestead.com
    My Email:punk_boss@hotmail.com
    yeah yuri is good as. but whats with the "he can play at speeds of up to 250bpm" stuff. even i can play 275 so he must be able to play faster than that!

    Kris Knight - 12/12/00 14:00:21
    My Email:templeboy_01@hotmail.com
    He's my little Gremlin!!!!!

    Ellie - 12/11/00 20:28:29
    My URL:http://hometown.aol.com/magnifplaid10248
    My Email:magnifplaid10248@aol.com
    YURI KICKS BUTT! And Romans 12:2!

    Stevo - 12/09/00 20:33:00
    My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/punk/punkrawkshow
    My Email:leavemealone@nowhere.com
    Yuri's like really cool.... I wish you guys had tabs.

    Mark (marco polo) - 11/23/00 23:02:20
    My Email:Arkmeone@aol.com
    Jesus is awesome!

    drew - 11/22/00 22:38:14
    My Email:bigdb4@aol.com
    yuri rocks

    Lucas Reinds - 10/04/00 11:41:05
    My Email:lucasreinds@freemail.nl
    Romans 3:16 and Yuri!!

    *Theresa Longoria* - 09/16/00 03:18:50
    My Email:cootee18@aol.com
    YuRi has the ~greatest~ laugh!!!! haha...it's so cute!! =O)

    Lauren Meanes - 09/11/00 13:51:24
    Yuri is the greatest!! I met him@ the sonic session....he is waaaaaay cool!

    eder - 09/08/00 01:23:07
    My Email:ghett0127@hotmail.com
    i love god but not yuri (tom rocks)

    Helen - 08/29/00 06:13:32
    My URL:http://www.reocities.com/dizzy_phoenix
    My Email:dizzy_phoe@hotmail.com
    i saw MxPx on saturday @ manly youth centre in SYDNEY: downunder! They went off! They played a great set and Yuri dance for us cos he is GOD!

    Julie - 08/27/00 23:15:21
    My URL:http://www.reocities.com/killerpunkstar/Layout2.html
    My Email:hurleyblink17@hotmail.com
    I totALLy love him Im also from bremerton. He is my god and I'm really happy he's getting married with his girlfriend. I think thats cool!! My room has a huge picture of mxpx.

    michelle - 08/23/00 14:29:44
    My Email:michelle182_03@yahoo.com
    mxpx are such a great band. their music is awsome and they are great guys. and yuri is like the best drummer that i have ever seen. just wondering....does anyone know if he has a twin? cause i think that he might. i forgot to ask him that when i meet him

    Caleb Momyer - 08/19/00 22:09:20
    My URL:http://www.reocities.com/pokinatchapunk76/startpage.html
    My Email:aggrosk8erpunk@hotmail.com
    Hey whats up MXPX rocks they are the coolest check out my site at the addy above its an Mxpx one

    Dillon - 08/16/00 03:24:11
    My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/myband/meltingam
    My Email:mxpxfiveironfrenzy@hotmail.com
    Yuri is the bomb!!!!! "and thats all i've got to say about that"

    Kyle Marvin - 07/24/00 18:36:58
    My Email:kyle@ilovejesus.net
    i just met Yuri yesterday at Warped. He was just chilling, eating Funyions. I felt like an idiot, but i told him he is awesome. Well, he is. Yuri is my role model.

    Alicia - 07/20/00 03:42:49
    My Email:JosiePunk4sXe@aol.com
    Yuri makes the goofiest faces..he's the Lars Ulrich of MxPx..rock on man..we love you

    Jenelle - 07/18/00 18:27:34
    My URL:http://www.mxpx.com
    My Email:emexpex@hotmail.com
    Hey Yuri, MxPx, and GOD rock! Good bless MxPx... if anyone wants to IM me sometime my AOL screename is RoxyWvz. Just tell me you love MxPx!! I can tell you about Warped Tour 2000!

    Cindy Ruiz - 07/18/00 06:35:05
    My Email:cyyndy_000@yahoo.com
    Every one I liked to say that... I love MxPx & Yes God too!!

    MIke Olenick - 07/17/00 22:26:16
    My Email:Ekinu2@aol.com
    Yuri is my Idol!!!!

    steve purcell - 07/17/00 22:23:12
    yuri is great and i met him

    Shneet!� - 07/14/00 08:53:48
    I saw Yuri drinking beer a couple weeks ago. I've also seen him urinate. He's very polite and a fine drummer.

    Dan Weber - 07/06/00 21:41:09
    My URL:http://reocities.com/ordinaryheroes
    My Email:noodlesarebad@hotmail.com
    yuri is totally rad! i asked my mom for a pet goose but she wouldn't let me have one. i was going to name it yuri, but now i'm all sad. oh well. yuri you're cool. god bless all you yuri lovers!!!!!!

    Cion Monge - 07/05/00 16:43:01
    My Email:MxPx_is_a_very_good_band_13@yahoo.com
    Yuri is the best punk drummer in the world!!!!!!

    bin russell - 07/03/00 03:51:18
    My Email:day7jesus@aol.com
    mxpx rawks and the yurinator and mike and tom

    josh bergh - 07/01/00 23:30:34
    My URL:http://www.reocities.com/armbreaker21/index.html
    My Email:stkdabtmxpx@juno.com
    yuri youre cool. its awesome that you guys are punk but dont do all the bad stuff that punk bands do. i am starting my own band called iznajar! and were gonna try and sound similar to you guys. were not going to copy but we want to act like you guys do

    Andrew - 06/19/00 20:54:53
    My Email:enterthesouthtown@xmail.com
    MxPx and God are soooooooo awesome!

    nick - 06/15/00 01:38:41
    My Email:maulxpx
    mxpx and the yurinator kick butt!

    Brett Mx - 06/14/00 22:26:42
    My URL:http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theyuriruleyonlinefanclub
    My Email:yuripx@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone! Talk to fellow Yuri lovers at my new Yuri Fan Club at yahoo! Thanx

    Dan Sobo - 05/27/00 18:05:31
    My Email:DanGSF73@hotmail.com
    Yuri I love you!!!

    John - 05/19/00 23:22:13
    Yuri is beautiful.

    Bob Abrams - 05/12/00 23:58:32
    My Email:sennya@aol.cm
    Yuri fans everywhere!! I heard the new MxPx album is coming out this month... I think on May 16th. I heard a new song called Responsiblty it is rad!!! I can't wait to get the record.

    Danny - 05/10/00 04:51:42
    My Email:dan2000live@hotmail.com
    Hey I have to say the guys in MxPx are Jus great, But I am a drumer as well. And I have to tell you people I would have Killed my self by now, if it was not for MxPx. And GOD!... But yuri I love you man I so Look up up to you! And I meaN THAT. thank yuri.

    Anna - 05/06/00 19:36:14
    My Email:Sport5@usa.com
    MxPx rocks. Great site!

    Chris Luccas - 05/05/00 16:12:11
    My Email:snobordman@hotmail.com
    Yuri your awesome, My band tries to be just like you

    Dustin White - 05/04/00 15:04:15
    My URL:http://dstnjmswht.homepage.com/index.html
    My Email:dstnjmswht@aol.com or dstnjmswht@yahoo.com
    MxPx rules!!! You guys are doing a great job serving GOD, and you guys rule!!!

    alan - 05/01/00 21:53:34
    My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/onemandown
    My Email:supercrazyfreak@hotmail.com
    i'm a cowboy of types, but i love mxpx

    Aaron Jones - 04/19/00 00:29:47
    My Email:mxpx@musician.org
    I love Yuri. God plays the drums better than Yuri. He is still awesome though. If he wants, i can give him his first tattoo. I've got some cool watches too!!!

    juniper - 04/18/00 00:19:36
    hi lindsay (pistol) and lindsay's friend, even if i dont know you. why cant i ever meet yuri? it makes me sooo sad. it seems as if everyone i know has met him. (except lindsay, even though she has his autograph) woe is me.

    juniper - 04/18/00 00:14:18
    My Email:juniper_meow@yahoo.com
    Hi *pistol* (aka: LINDSAY!) hi lindsay's friend, catie. how come everyone gets to meet mxpx except for me? it makes me sad, especially since i love yuri and am completely obsessed with him. hey, if anyone actually got the pics of yuri's gf send them to me

    mxpx-obsessed - 04/18/00 00:08:09
    My Email:pokinatcha3@yahoo.com
    Yuri is my hero! He's the hottest babe in the whole wide world, and I'm gonna marry him bcuz he loves me, he told me.

    Juniper - 04/17/00 23:57:06
    My Email:juniper_meow@yahoo.com
    i ran out of, anyway...a list of cool yuri phrases: yuri is my hero, yuri is yuri-ffic, yur-gurt, yuri the "snake charmer", yuri is the coolest,ect, ect. My mom is making fun of yuri so i must go yell at her now. Yuri rules, so does God. YURI! YURI! YURI!

    ~*~JuNiPer~*~ - 04/17/00 23:49:01
    I love yuri! He is the coolest guy ever! I went to a show in Chicago a few days ago. I was right up front and i pointed at yuri and made the "i love you" sign. i'm pretty sure he saw me cuz he kinda laughed at me and i was right up front. NO MORE ROOM? GR

    *michelle* - 04/13/00 12:37:24
    My Email:anntx_99@yahoo.com
    Yuri is my all time cooest person . my goal in life is to catch one of his drum sticks. and i am so going to get one at the warped tour this year

    Heather - 04/11/00 17:44:02
    My Email:mighty@coolemail.com
    mxpx is definately the bomb band in all the world. Such carisma and yuri is the coolest next to God

    JOSH SELLER - 04/03/00 21:38:45
    My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/band/gsd
    My Email:goldensilverdish@hotmail.com
    I love Mike more than yuri, but hey I play bass!

    Chris Evans - 03/14/00 00:50:33
    My URL:www.members.tripod.com/nor44
    My Email:nor44@hotmail.com
    God Rulz!!!!!

    Joey - 03/12/00 06:24:16
    My Email:pokinatchapunkmonkey@yahoo.com
    Drum on my brother Yuri

    Juby ? - 03/09/00 21:37:16
    My Email:julesang@hotmail.com
    Hey Yuri, it's miss Mapoobie. Just want to say that I love ya! ps. Why do people want pics of Kt?? See below comments...

    Connor D. - 02/20/00 01:25:34
    My Email:punkmastergeneral@hotmail.com
    I Play Drums Too!

    John - 02/19/00 17:12:28
    My Email:MxPxtrack4@aol.com
    I love MxPx, they're the best punk band ever. Yuri is so cool. Tom is my hero

    catie brown - 02/16/00 04:28:24
    My Email:iluvmusic4@aol.com
    aahhh i am back to the 'ole yuri page....of course yuri is quite the sexy beast and he always will be..anyway anyone who has a pic of yuris gf or mikes or if tom has one his too!!! please send it to me this instant i tell you!!!SEND MY PICS OF YURIS GF

    *Pistol* - 01/31/00 23:41:44
    My Email:GrrlReBeLX@aol.com
    Heh Yuri. I don't think I've had a conversation with my friend Nina that didn't involve his name in anyway. That's very sad. Yuri's a hottie and I'm sad to say that he belongs to Nina, and not me. Heh "Yuri is Yurific"~Catie I wish I coulda been there!!

    deg - 01/21/00 22:35:25
    My Email:Xdegrassix@aol.com

    drew - 01/18/00 01:48:35
    yuri is the coolest, but ugliets drummer ive ever seen, hes fast as anyhting, and other thatn that, hes just cool, its all about the sXe nyhc

    Mike Fay - 01/10/00 21:05:42
    My URL:http://angelfire.com/punk/goodfello
    My Email:punkhead_99@yahoo.com
    Hey I love yuri so visit my page!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will - 01/09/00 23:27:16
    My Email:MxPxSk8eR2@aol.com
    I think that Yuri is the best drummer that I've ever heard and that he's really dope, and MxPx is the tightest band ever!!!!!

    NAte - 01/09/00 07:04:25
    My URL:http://members.truepath.com/x/qs
    My Email:punkkid87@yahoo.com
    WOOHOO! punks not dead.....its alive baby!

    catie brown - 01/07/00 04:19:54
    My Email:iluvmusic$@aol.com
    Yuri is yurific and that's that. i made that sign for him at the mxpx show and he signed it. i think he liked it. he is special. let us all praise yuri.

    zane - 01/07/00 00:20:12
    My URL:http://zane.net.au
    My Email:secret
    just saying hello Yuri, the page is still being maintained, thanks for talking about this page at Warped in Adelaide!! It is so cool to love punk and God!! Keep up the good work Yurislaw!

    catie brown - 01/05/00 23:59:31
    My Email:iluvmusic4@aol.com
    yuri is a sexy beast!!!

    Steve - 01/03/00 20:22:50
    My Email:leftcoastpunk303@hotmail.com
    I love Yuri and MxPx. I hope that one day my punk band, 49 Faces, will be as big as MxPx

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