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Yes, welcome to the lovingly crafted About section of the website. This is where you can learn more about the poor souls who created this pit of madness.

I am Simmie, and I have the honour of being responsible for the running and general upkeep of the website - that's me on the right. (You'd be suprised at how accurate that picture is...) Any problems then let me know, or if you'd like to send me money I would be very grateful.

Food and Lotus sports cars are also acceptable.

This is our esteemed leader Tim. It was his leadership and foresight which lead to the creation of the first poetry book, way back in 1995. The profits from this first book allowed us to create the book which now sits snugly on this website.

He is very tall.

This is Thomas, the man responsible for all the artwork which you will see scattered around. He does design work now - and I'm told he now knows exactly how a desktop shredder works.

This is Torrance.

It is best that I tell you no more. It'll only disturb you while you sleep, and I wouldn't want that on my conscience.