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Now, I have been told (by those who know) that a good set of links are crucial to any webpage.  Not only should they reflect the personality and depth of those who make the website they should also provide others with a way of transporting away from your site to other more exotic places deep within the beast that is the internet.  I disputed this idea with my friend.

"Why?"  said I.  "Why would anyone ever want to leave the shifty-parrot website?"

"They could get bored with it." replied my friend.

"Bored?  That's unthinkable!" I shouted.  "There are over 40 poems on this site - it takes ages to read them all!"

"Ahh, but what happens when they have finished reading them - what happens then?"  My friend looked at me with a smug grin on his face.  "Eventually we all move on, it's a fact of life!"

"They could sign the guestbook!" I said triumphantly.  "Or perhaps they could send an e-mail with their thoughts and queries - perhaps even send me money!"  The thought of a publishing deal ran briefly through my mind.

"But even after they've done all that they will still run out of things to do!"  My friend sat there smiling and shaking his head.  "It's beyond your control Simmie - forget about it and just move on!"

"But I can't!" I wailed.  "I've put too much work into this - blood, sweat tears, even monkeys for God's sake!  I could have been someone, I could have done things with my life.  But no - instead I frittered my life away producing this bloody thing, so that the masses could enjoy the poetry book, and what thanks do I get from my friends and my peers?  Nothing - no thanks, just pain and abuse.

My friend threw back his head and laughed.

"You just don't get it do you?" he sneered.  "Nobody will ever thank you - you're just a sad little weirdo!"

So I got up out of my chair and smote him royally with my trusty cricket bat.

Anyway enough of this witty banter, lets move onto the links!

OK - I have split the links into some categories, if this section starts to get out of control I'll split it into several pages.  But for now everything will reside on this rather large index page!  Hooray!  But be warned - we take no responsibility for the content of these other websites, so don't come crying to us if something bad happens!


Links that are funny, and links that are not so funny.  (hey comedy is relative after all...)
The onion is an American paper which could be described as a cross between Private Eye and the Weekly World news. It's not a very good or accurate description, but it is a description.
Afrosquad - the power to crush the man!  There is some great artwork on this site used to great comedic effect!



I admit that I may have a soft spot for animation. It's probably childhood trauma stemming from my experiences with Transformers - The movie.
Spumco are the people responsible for the creation of the delightfuly scary Ren & Stimpy cartoons.  They offer free cartoons on their website using the shockwave flash plugin.
An excellent source for all things animated, including a brilliant news section.
Space Ghost news.  The animated star of Space Ghost, and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast with the roundup of the world's important news issues.


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