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Although there is nothing in this website which is really offensive to any human or person of any normal values we have decided to voluntarily make this a PG website. (But don't worry kids, it's all just good clean fun! Besides surrealist poems don't actually make any sense...)


Poetry is an art-form which is virtually uncensored. In order to express one's-self clearly many grotesque images or sexual-swearwords may be required to create an emphatic tone. Anyone easily offended should not read this literature and any cardiovascular strikes, arrests or other symptoms of shock are not our fault. Besides we have expensive lawyers who could bust your ass any day of the week, even Christmas.

1999 Shifty-Parrot.


Seriously though folks - all the original artwork and words in this website are 1995-1999 Shifty-Parrot. Any unauthorised copying, editing, exhibition, or broadcast of any or all of this website is strictly prohibited and will result in criminal prosecution.

We are however fairly nice guys, so if you would like to use any images or poems from the website then just ask. We will probably give you permission, but anyone who does it on the sly will get a slap on the wrists, and a visit from one of our friends in the legal profession.

Also please tell us if you have made a link to this website or would like to be linked from this website. Feedback is always appreciated - as long as it's positive!