RDBM  Radio Database Manager    


Notice : 


    - Last version available : Version v6

        Supported Radios :


            Yaesu FRG-100

            JRC NRD 545

            Icom IC-R8500



    - Changes in version 6 :

        New receiver model added : Icom IC-R8500. 

        Clipboard functionality improved.

        Overall improvements.





    RDBM, is a project started when I bought my Winradio (Tm) Card.

    For monitoring fans  (me in special) this program was made.


    With time, this project will grow and new features will be add.

    For now, available choices are:

            Volume, Squelch, Sensitivity and Frequency being send and tracked.

           You can do File Management, Search, Sort, Clipboard, Filter, Print, use GMT or 

              Local Time and  take notes with notepad.

            The data is saved in text format and the extension is "xls".

            This file is easily opened with Microsoft Excel (Tm), and the fields will be separated

            in cells.

            Import and export tasks are easy.

            The available version, will connect to the selected receivers.





            The XRS plug-in (Winradio Tm technology) is used only on winradio models and have the same functionalities of the EXE version.







            This will print the grid contents.







    I hope you enjoy using it.


    Best Regards.

    Victor Manuel Fonseca.



Screen Shots



   Main Screen







Log View and Edit Screen





Find Box











Scan Utility





Options Dialog













Download Instructions


          Downloading this freeware is easy.

        Just click the link bellow and you will be redirected to the download site.

        Then you maybe asked to fill a form.

        After that you are at the download site.

        Just go to "Downloads" link, wait for the appropriate page and on the tree view, select

        the \Aplicativos\RDBM Radio Database Manager + XRS version   directory.

        Choose now the wanted file.



(Download Freeware Version)