Session Start: Thu Nov 13 08:52:13 1997

<JJacq> I'm here, aline
<JJacq> How are U doing
<Aline> cool!!!! :))
<JJacq> Ha... only a few frenchies seak english!
<JJacq> Where do U come from?
<Aline> i would love to speak french, i am trying to learn
<Aline> i am from Southamerica but i live in Australia and iam visiting Toronto at the moment
<JJacq> Its difficult, especially with masculine and feminine forms lol
<JJacq> Wooooo...How lucky you are
<JJacq> i got a friend on mirc in australia, she 's living in melbourne
<JJacq> R U still there?
<Aline> i know, i am so lucky and i live in Sydney

<JJacq> How old R U?
<JJacq> How many talks have you at a time?
<JJacq> If you dont return, I leave
<Aline> sorry, i have too many windows and not enough fingers lol
<JJacq> If you want to keep someone... dont open too many windows
<JJacq> What R U doing in Toronto? Tourism?
<Aline> please be patient you are my favourite :)
<Aline> ok
<JJacq> I'm red like a fish! lolol
<Aline> i am 42, i have 5 windows and you are free to leave whenever you want :P
<JJacq> Wooo.... Dont be angry, i'm not upset... lol
<JJacq> I'm 41
<Aline> i am not angry, cool to hear there is someone with brains here :))

<JJacq> france, is a funny channel
<JJacq> My friend grosminet is fine too
<Aline> yes it is when the ops are cool!!! :))
<JJacq> But there not many real frenchies at this time
<JJacq> mainly canadians, I think
<JJacq> do U bring your laptop when travelling?
<Aline> nope :))
<Aline> i am using my son's computer
<JJacq> He lives there?
<Aline> yup
<JJacq> How many children? I have two, 12 and 16, two boys
<Aline> i have 3
<Aline> 1 girl and 2 boys, 22,20 and 17 :))
<JJacq> All in canada?
<Aline> nop
<Aline> only 1 in Canada, the rest in Australia
<JJacq> Burst out family! lol

<JJacq> Do U know europe and france*?
<Aline> yes, i went to France last month :))
<JJacq> Always in planes then.....
<JJacq> Not me :(
<JJacq> only on inside flights...
<Aline> where do you live in France?
<Aline> you are lieing :P
<JJacq> TOURS, among "Chateaux de la Loire", do U know that
<Aline> JJacq is * JJB
<Aline> fr = france
<JJacq> Yes, but TOURS is in france no?
<Aline> ohhhh ok, sorry, i missundertood you, i am too sleepy
<JJacq> Why do u say i'm lieing
<Aline> i missed the 'chateaux', i have not time to visit them :((
<JJacq> I never lie, I hate all people who hide behind pictures on Internet
<Aline> i do too, sorry to have said that!
<JJacq> May be when you'll come back
<JJacq> I forgive U;;;; lol
<Aline> ohhhh oui!! that is for sure, i will go to the Loire :))

<Aline> listen, i am too sleepy, i need to go to bed!
<JJacq> May be, i'll find you there another day?
<Aline> how do you say: Aline is going to bed now (in french)
<JJacq> Aline va se coucher maintenant
<Aline> merci :))
<JJacq> Write a nice pictured mmssage
<Aline> 1,8:)
<JJacq> I installed nice pop ups yesterday, too
<JJacq> but its no so easy to build
<Aline> i know, i can help you when i come back from Montreal, i am going tomorrow
<JJacq> Thanks, well i can give U an URL on chateaux de la loire, hold on
<Aline> cool!!!!
<JJacq> You'll find there a map and pictures of most of them

<Aline> thanks a lot!!!! see you soon!!!!!
<Aline> have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
<JJacq> Bye bye.... Tomorrow same hour?
<Aline> gros bisous!!!!!!!!! :))
<Aline> nope, not till Monday, sorry
<JJacq> Gros bisous....
<JJacq> Never mind, monday, then
<Aline> 1,8:)
<JJacq> Bye bye, have anice night and take care
<JJacq> xoxo's
<Aline> you too!!!

Session Close: Thu Nov 13 09:21:54 1997