Welcome to MACHO International.

We're a Politically Incorrect, Anti-Feminist, pro-heterosexual male organisation dedicated to equal rights, the preservation of the family and restoring the dignity of the male of the species back into public consciousness. We adhere to the concept of Common Sense rather than Political Correctness.

When we say Anti-Feminist, we mean that MACHO International is against the modern Politically Correct misandrist feminist movement that is prevalent in the Western world. The feminism that is dedicated to an ideology rather than the women it claims to represent. The feminism that promotes falsehoods to protect that ideology. The feminism that seems to think that women who do not toe the party line are not worthy of their support. The feminism that has forgotten the concept of equal rights 'and' responsibilities. The feminism that is quick to condemn wrong doing by men but is loathe to do the same when done by women. This is perhaps the perfect description of the feminism espoused by the National Organization for Women and the Ms. Foundation in the United States. Likewise the National Action Committee on the Status of Women in Canada and the Women's Advisory Council in Australia.

MACHO International is for equal rights and responsibilities for both men and women and is completely dedicated to the promotion of that ideal. MACHO International recognises the importance of the family and is likewise dedicated to its preservation and the role of the male in it, as father and husband. MACHO International, however, does not believe the male to be a victim whose fights and rights must be taken up and protected by others.

MACHO International recognises that within the past three decades that the reputation of men in general has suffered a massive blow. The image of the heterosexual male in particular as a battering, sexually abusive and insensitive clod has reached dizzying heights in popularity. Heterosexual male bashing, either in jest or in all seriousness has become as endemic to Western culture as racist epithets in the early Twentieth Century. Such popular misconceptions, stereotypes, lies and distortions about men, constantly promoted through the media, has done a lot of damage to men's lives and sense of self worth, not to mention sense of identity. One notices that any promotion of such similar negative images about women or gay men is publicly denounced or protested. The same is not true for straight men. Constantly told that there is something 'wrong' with them, culturally emasculated by the constant bombardment of contradictions of what they are and what they are supposed to be, many heterosexual men struggle to change to become more acceptable, less of what they are and more of what the new Politically Correct society demands them to be.

Therefore MACHO International's primary objective is to finally begin the work of restoring the damaged reputation of the straight male and bringing his nobility back into public consciousness.

MACHO International intends to show in a blatantly androcentric way the lifestyle and viewpoint of the straight man, in all its variations and uniqueness, in everything from relationships to politics, presenting alternative positive portrayals of the heterosexual male, publishing the truth of matters that affect the straight man such as joint custody, the results of the increase in single motherhood, domestic violence, rape, the importance of marriage, etc.

If you are for equality, for the preservation of the family and pro-male, you're at a place you can call home. Once again, welcome to MACHO International.

For The Testosterone Poisoned

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