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Welcome to the Communist Party of North and South Carolina

We are a Marxist-Leninist working-class party that unites Black, Brown and white, men and women, youth and seniors.

We are a Party that speaks out from a working-class point of view on every vital issue. The People's Weekly World is our voice and the voice of labor, of all militant movements for social progress.

We are a party of unity in action. We are an integral part of every struggle and movement for change to eliminate poverty and joblessness, against racism and for full equality. We are participants, initiators and leaders of every movement to make life better now and much better in a socialist future.

 About the Communist Party U.S.A.
 The People's Weekly World - weekly newspaper of the CP-USA
 Young Communist League website.
 Political Affairs - Theoretical Journal of the CP-USA.
 The Communist Manifesto is the first expression of the modern working-class outlook. Originally written in 1848, this is a hypertext version of the English edition of 1888 published by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.