Welcome to Tim's Beatles Tape Trading Page and thank you for visiting. Before you go any further, I would like to state that I have decided to suspend my tape trading activities indefinitely. I'm sick of making copies of bootlegs, I'm sick of buying blank tapes (which are WAY overpriced), and I'm sick of spending money to mail them all over the United States of America. Also, I'm beginning to have a very hard time finding Beatles bootlegs that I don't already have in some way, shape or form. To sum it all up, I don't want to trade tapes anymore. I do want to take this opportunity to thank all the people I've traded with since I first put this page up in June of 1997. For any of you who still want to trade, you can contact Doug Freeland at "Doug_Freeland@aidtmain.aidt.edu". Doug's bootleg collection is every bit as good as mine, if not better. He's also the best trader I have ever dealt with. Again, thanks to all who have helped make this page the success it was. Goodbye.

***Timothy Jackson, 24 January 1998***

Note: This page will be taken down as soon as I get around to doing it. In its place will be a brief memorial to my once-beloved web page. I'm doing that as a way of keeping this space open for myself in case I ever want to put this page back up.

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All Things Must Pass (Pt.1:Electric)
Arrive Without Aging
Artifacts II
Back Track Vol. 2
Celluloid Rock
Come Together
Complete Christmas Collection
Dakota Beatle Demos (John Lennon)
Decca Audition
Get Back (with Don't Let Me Down and 9 other songs)
Gone Tomorrow, Here Today
I Found Out (John Lennon)
Live! At The Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962
Live in Japan 1966
The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol.9
The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol.10
The Lost Pepperland Reel And Other Rarities
The Peter Sellers Tape
Posters, Incense and Strobe Candles
Sweet Apple Trax
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.5
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.6
Unsurpassed Masters Vol.7

Pages with info on Beatles bootlegs.

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Beatles' Bootlegs
The Beatles Bootleg Archives

If you want to make a trade, e-mail me at: 4wb1jacksont@vms.csd.mu.edu

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