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It's interesting. This opening paragraph is
my favorite part of having a website, and
my biggest challenge. I truly do
enjoy it, but I dread it! Having to
decide what to write - and then just getting
past the Yahoo! passwords and security
measures (grrrr!)'s enough to make
the bravest editor cringe!

I don't know about you, but I finally
got around to my Christmas projects. I knew
what I wanted to do for this upcoming Christmas
season, I had everything ready.......and
suddenly it's November! Where did my
year go?! Here I am, planning what to
serve for Thanksgiving!

On the upside of things, we did
survive Halloween and a very successful
High School Band Competition season.
Granite Bay Emerald Brigade! I'd like to
invite you to check out a terrific
website! (no I'm not in the least biased. HAH!)

As always, enjoy browsing around, I hope you find
something interesting here! Naturally, if you find
a link that doesn't work, I'd like to know about it!
And if you have any questions, or topics you'd like to
see addressed, please use my email and let me know! Of
course, you can always just sign the Guest Book and I'll
see your suggestion that way!
Sincerely,Mary Lou

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The fabric swatch above is from the VIP calico collection at Cranston Print visit their site check my links page for Cranston Village.

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Last updated June 13, 2000

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