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Back in December of 1976, while working on a school project, I wrote 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation to send me information regarding the operation of their movie company. In March of 1977, I received an envelope containing 1975 and 1976 year end earnings; a 24 page, 4 color book promotion of the movies to be released in 1977; also a 26 page, 4 color book promotion of a movie that they thought was going to be one of their greatest hits. That movie was STAR WARS!!!

Forward to 1999..... Visiting my parents last spring, my father handed me a black folder. Recognizing this as something I did for school, but not knowing what the folder contained, I immediately was intrigued by the contents which contained the following:

  • 20TH CENTURY BLACK FOLDER- This 4 sided self folding folder has a 20th Century-Fox logo ,black on black, that appears to be in a dull varnish. The folder has some wear--corners have some tears and creases.

  • COVER LETTER-- dated March 2, 1977, addressed to me, wishing me well on my school project -- signed by Phillip Myers, Director of Corporate Affairs on behalf of Dennis C. Stanfill Chairman of the Company.
  • 1975 & 1976 ANNUAL REPORTS-- 4th quarter earnings report dated January 28, 1977,Dennis C. Stanfill, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, reports that earnings were up as a result of the feature film division stating that “The Omen” and “Silent Movie” were the largest contributors during the year. These reports are in excellent shape.
  • 20TH CENTURY FOX FILMS FOR 1977-- A 10 x 14, 24 page, 4 color book promotional containing 19 movies that were now complete , in production, or currently before the camera in 1977. In addition, the back page contains a listing of the 19 movies that were in development, and were scheduled to begin filming in 1977.
    Movies scheduled for release in 1977 are: SILVER STREAK, ( Richard Prior and Gene Wilder); WIZARDS (A Ralph Bakshi Film); ROLLING THUNDER (Tommy Lee Jones); 3 WOMEN (Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall); THE OMEN PART II;THE WORLD’S GRATES LOVER (Gene Wilder) AND "STAR WARS". These are just some of the 19 listings for 1977.
    This book is in excellent to mint condition with no creases.
  • STAR WARS MOVIE PROMOTION- A 11x14, 26 page, 4-color book promotion of the movie "STAR WARS" scheduled to be released in 1977. .
    ”Star Wars is an imaginative entertainment experience which takes the audience to an unknown galaxy thousands of light years from earth”.These are just some of the quotes taken from the book.
    With big bold pictures that take up two pages at a time in the book. Characters are described in colorful metaphors.
    - LUKE SKYWALKER - Mark Hamil -
    "Luke Skywalker, a twenty year old on the remote planet of Tatooine, is compelled to break from his dull chores on his Uncle’s moisture farm. The cryptic message of a kidnapped Princess catapults the brave, impetuous hero into a series of adventures on various Worlds of a distant galaxy. Accompanied by his two servant robots, Luke challenges the galactic Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star".
  • 20th Century tells the story as it describes every character and the actor playing the role.The book itself is in”great shape”. Notice the rare logo of STAR WARS. The W in Wars is straight up and down not on a diagonal, and the bottom of the W comes to a point, not flat bottomed as in later logos. This W is featured this way throughout the book as well as in the 1977 movie promotional book.

    George Lucas states " I'm trying to reconstruct a genre that's been lost and bring it to a new dimension so that the elements of space, fantasy, adventure, suspense and full all work and feed off each other. So, in a way, STAR WARS is a movie for the kid in all of us."

    I’ve been watching auctions and have not seen one of these books come up on auction, let alone in this type of package!!
    This is a unique STAR WARS package that has been preserved in storage for the last 23 years and is in excellent condition.
    This is a must for the serious STAR WARS collector!!
    This is a 10 day auction.

    Buyer pays shipping and handling.

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