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Welcome! Internet marketing and advertising have always been one of my favorite subjects and I've collected a lot of stuff that I think you'll be interested in. So, please click on one of the following links or scroll down. Enjoy yourself!



  • Doubleclick - The Internet advertising solutions company
  • Teknosurf- Teknosurf's mission is to make web-advertising work
  • Intapromote- builds strategic online campaigns that exponentially multiply visitor entry points across the Internet
  • Internet-UK- INTERNET-UK.COM is able to provide expert advice to both small and large businesses on a wide range of key issues including Business Consultancy and Internet Marketing
  • Iaco- Internet marketing/ advertising consulting service.
  • Adauction- is an online media marketplace offering opportunistic buys on premium advertising inventory. We are a business to business e-commerce service for buying and selling media.
  • AdKnowledge - AdKnowledge helps the world's most sophisticated marketers and ad agencies maximize their return on investment
  • Yahoo- Yahoo's list of Internet advertising companies
  • A complete list of Internet marketing services providers
  • Millward Brown interactive
  • Commerce Net - The premium global industry consortium for companies using e-commerce solutions
  • Morgan stanley -The Internet advertising report

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