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JMG Photography is located in Hartford, Connecticut, and is owned and operated by John Gage, a photographer with 12 years' experience behind the camera. Currently, the largest portion of our business is corporate, industrial and commercial projects. When a company needs their executives to look good in the annual report, or they're rolling out a new marketing campaign for their latest and greatest product, we're behind the scenes making sure that the photographs in their publications and marketing materials are the best they can be.

This website, however, will be dedicated to a portion of our business that we're trying to expand -- the glamour and fine art erotica segment. Corporate and industrial projects pay the bills quite well, but they don't usually offer the opportunity to create "art." This photographer is seeking to work with either amateur or professional female models to build his portfolio and to experiment with different films, photographic techniques, darkroom techniques, and digital retouching. If you're interested in helping me out and earning some cash while you're at it, read on!

Be A Professional Model!
No Experience Necessary!

If you’ve always wondered if you have what it takes to be a model, now you can find out! Show the world how feminine and desirable you are! Free auditions are available to all, and free online portfolios are available to those who qualify and work with me. Experience is NOT necessary, but you must be reliable and possess a willingness to have fun and work hard in a relaxed, friendly, no-pressure environment. If you think you’ve got what takes, drop us a line!

And here's the best part for you -- Earn between $25 and $100 per hour!

This is Fun, Easy and Fast work!  You can supplement your current income, earn some extra money to spend on yourself, and have fun doing it!

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