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We would like you to know that we love to golf and we also enjoy bowling. As we continue our journey we hope to add pictures of us, and also discuss things that interest us. We live in Central New Jersey at the foot of the Watchung Mountains. If people in Colorado saw the Watchung Mountains they would call it a molehill but here in New Jersey we call it a mountain. My beautiful wife is a nurse, and my son is in High School and he loves to watch all the girls. This is a picture of my wife Patty.
Although we enjoy doing things together as a family, we all have different interest. My wife loves cooking and crafting and also spending family time. I like to watch and play most sports and I also like to listen to Folk Music. I hope to have my own web page in the near future on my favorite folk group The Kingston Trio. My son loves watching movies of all kinds, but most of all he loves the Star War movies. He has a great collection of books and figures on Star Wars. He can also play a good game of golf against his dad, and he usually wins.Beside the important links that I have listed below, I will be adding a link on sports memorabilia in the future, which will pertain to Baseball And Golf. Also please check out my page on Mickey Mantle, A Yankee Forever. And my link to Arnold Palmer my favorite all time golfer
We also have a great love for pets.This is a picture of my wife Patty and our dog Maggy at Christmas. We have always had pets around us ever since I can remember, and I am sure that our concern about Wildlife Preservation has a great deal to do with the love and joy our pets have brought us.Here in New Jersey it seems like every time I turn around another shopping mall or movie theater is being built. We need to be a little more concerned with the protection of our land and the delicate balance between man and nature.
People are cutting down trees for progress, but they are also destroying the natural habitat of the animals and plants. Destoying the Rainforest is having a terrible impact on our environment, universe, and everything else.The trees in the Rainforest are being cut down at an alarming rate. Some trees can grow up to 250 feet tall!!! People who live there take care of it and don't destroy it. If the trees continue to be cut down, the animals and plants will disappaer.

If you would like to visit our web pages on Mickey Mantle, The Kingston Trio and Arnold Palmer or go to these other great links to the Rainforest please click on the pictures below.

Mickey Mantle The Kingston Trio Arnold Palmer Nikon

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