COTTAGE FOR RENT: Great location at Grand Lake St Mary's

Fully furnished, 1 bedroom, close to water between Montezuma and Windy Point areas.
Amenities include washer/dryer, refrigerator,window a/c, double bed, sofa sleeper, other furniture,
bedding, towels, dishes, cookware, etc

cot12.JPG - 19.23 K cot3.JPG - 17.41 K cot8.JPG - 13.04 K
cot1.JPG - 14.03 K cot9.JPG - 13.82 K cot5.JPG - 12.93 K

Rent for the season or longer only $450.00 per month (does not include gas, electric or boat dock rental).
One month deposit/ no smoking/ no pets.

Please call 1-937-623-8283 or send email to:

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