Some Of My Favorite Links . . .

Listed here are some of my favorite links on the Internet. This is the "all in one" list with links I've found useful. There are special pages for some of my special interests like cyberchurches, net sites for evangelism and mission, etc. My special interest the last year has been virtual churches (or "cyberchurches") and I have listed quite a number of them on this page. If you are interested in mission and evangelism (and ecumenical issues) there are some other interesting links. Knowledge about other religions is helpful indeed for anyone involved with evangelism and mission so I've listed some key links as well. Finally, if you have your own page on the Net you are probably looking for some new ideas, illustrations, etc. -- so here are some more. I hope that you can find something of interest to you.....

Good Starting Points International Ministries and Organizations Virtual Churches

Useful Stuff for Net People

Other Religions

Other Places of Interest

Updated March 12, 1998