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What should happen to an adulterous president?

Is sex in the work place ok?

Our elected politicians suck ass.
Here is a list of good ideas to help them suck the RIGHT ass (mine):

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Mandated drunkenness for congressmen. Also lets make their office oath say: I swear to lie all the time, tell complete lies, tell nothing but lies. They do it anyway. Lets just make it required. The oath is a clear contradiction in terms and therefore at least as good as the one they have now.
If there is going to be a partisan vote mandate that 10 people from each side switch and have to argue for the other's position.
Since the media always likes to give both sides of the issue, lets always have a side for the homeless people, for crack addicts, for people having to make a living on minimum wage (who according to the Republicans are working their way up the ladder and therefore have got to be our future leaders right? I mean we are talking serious upward mobility here). I don't see why "I don't givea shit about your irrelevant debate" shouldn't be an opinion that is proportionately represented in every political statement.
Why is it that when you elect representatives to the congress they vote and lie (i.e. make speeches) in the manner which some unelected party head tells them to vote and lie? Why can't they think for themselves? What is this "political party" thing anyway? Just gives them lots of beer and hookers so it can be a real party. Give the men naked pictures of feminists, give the women naked pictures of sexists, and lock the femenists and sexists naked in a closet together. Now that's my idea of congress!

List of Ideas that would quickly and efficiently fix our government:

Email me and I'll add yours to it. You can also send me mail via a form at the bottom.

1) Change voting system so that in a field of N candidates on the ballot you can assign to each candidate from 0 to N-1 points exclusively.
If you have a marching band where 34% want to go north to ski; 33% percent want to go somewhere warm, say Florida; 33% want to go somwhere warm, say Hawaii; why should the people that want to go some place warm loose?

2) Treat access to politicians during the work day as a right reserved for constituents and controlled by signing up ahead of time on a list. The sign up is handled by an independant office (or by a chosen representative of any different political party). There is no reason that the politican in question should be the one to control who gets to see her. They should be forced to face their bad voting decisions.

3) All political debate moved to national and local tv channels (or the web). Congressman is videotaped for 75% of his work day - the transmission is live over the web. These channels are free and anyone who wants to go to the designated trasnmit area and stand in line will have 20 minutes.

4) Ask candidates real quesions that test their decsision making skills at debates. Ask them hard ethical questions that take a long time to answer, and which THEY have to answer, not their advisors. For example have a full hour for each candidate to answer three questions for which they are not prepared. The questions should involve dealing with hard decisions and ethical dillemas.

5) Have it be legal for each person to come up and punch each elected official once every 6 months.

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