In this world of madness, we have nothing if we do not have our imagination.

Spel has traveled a great distance on her quest. Her companions are tired. So she releases Camille into the woods and assures Sampson she will be safe and watches him leap into the dense forest.
Spel enters the village, the streets are busy with merchants selling their wares. She is looking for someone. But knows not who. She sees a man on the other side. For some reason his presence here does not quite fit. Could he be who she seeks. Crossing the square she moves cautiously towards him, studying him. Her tall firgure casting a long shodow in the setting sun. Her blonde hair shimmers from the rays. She reaches the man and speaks shyly.
Pardon me M'Lord. I was wondering if you might help me.

LadySpel's Story

LadySpel is the result of a demoness' seduction of a human man. She was raised by peasants, knowing she was different in some way. She had powers she did not understand. She began a quest, to find out what powers she had and to hopefully find a teacher and to become more than the simple mage she is now. She is accompanied by her guardian, Sampson, a wolf that has been by her side for as long as she remembers. And Camille, her trusted friend.To the untrained eye, Camille looks to be a normal mare. But closer examination of her star on her forehead shows her to be unique. But the magic protects her secret.

Her quest began in the land of AOL. There she met a great wizard who taught her much. Morkaleb was a valuable friend to her, guiding her in the right direction and teaching her many things. Unfortunately they had to part ways. She misses him greatly for he was the best of teachers.
On her journey's she has traveled with many knights and nobelmen. But her greatest adventures so far were with Sir Larg of Chreagáin. A very noble knight on a quest of his own for his King. But they too had to continue their journeys seperately.
She has kept a journal of most of her travels. When the magic is known to her, she will share them here on this strange void called internet.

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