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Welcome To My Humble Home

You have reached the web page of Sunfire-Leo *** AKA RichieLee *** AKA BuddyIke

It is my intention to dedicate this page to what is probably my primary
intrest in life, which is Music; specificially Folk Music, an honorable mention must always go to the Blues.
I am of that generation which grew up with some of the greatest Folk Musicians in our history.
I speak of none other than Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter-Paul&Mary,
The list goes on and on and I will add to it as time allows and try to create links to as many as I can find. In the meantime if there is someone in particular your intrested in try the YAHOO link

Yahoo's Folk Link

Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver

Some of My Other Favorite Links

What do I look like?

Me and my Buddy?

Me In The Year 2000

Three Amigos 1973 and 2003

My Only Claim To Fame

Wana See My Chebby?

My Need For Speed

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As I learn, this homepage will grow; come back and see me sometime!!

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