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The Campground
Candy Hill Campground is a beautiful campground located just outside of Winchester, Virginia.  Candy Hill Campground is a wonderful place to stop if you're traveling through or looking for a spot for that perfect vacation away from it all.  Open year round Candy Hill Campground is always ready to welcome you, the camper, accepting everything from tents to motor homes this campground is able to suit you.  Candy Hill offers beautiful grounds, along with a great campground store.  Candy Hill Campground is a great place for family camping.

Our Name

The Candy Hill name comes from an interesting past.  No, it is not what most guess, we are not candy givers nor are we in love with Christmas and the candies that go with it.  The truth behind the story is that years ago there was a farm house where our campground now stands and as a story book would say, there was a little girl who lived there.  She had a dog who passed away and was buried on the hill behind the farm house and luck have it, the dogs name was Candy.  From then on the hill was refered to as Candy's Hill, hense our name, Candy Hill Campground.  And now you know the true story!

Our History
Candy Hill Campground was the dream of a man by the name of Mr. Ralph Poe.  It was Mr. Poe that built Candy Hill Campground from the ground up, bringing in load after load of topsoil and dirt in order to cover the jagged limestones in the ground that are so typical of the Winchester area.  After 19 years of owning Candy Hill Campground Mr. Poe sold the campground to the Littman Family early in 1998.  Now the present owners of the campground the Littman Family, Art, Wendy, Karl and Selena, work to maintain the campground and keep it up to the standards which it was kept by its founder.

Candy Hill Campground
165 Ward Avenue
Winchester, VA 22602
e-mail: selenac@hotmail.com
Phone for Reservations Year-Round
9 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST
9 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST

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