BEACHBUM'z World Awards

BEACHBUM'z World Awards

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March 20, 1997

No complaints, only kudos. Hello, my name is Adam Ginsburg and I work for the Web design firm Media Circus in NYC. We developed the Cherry Coke Web site at The site features 10 new "cool" links every Friday, which are then refreshed and archived for an additional week.

We would like to link to Beachbum'z World- if you could get back to me with approval (or otherwise) as soon as possible, it would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
Adam Ginsburg

March 15, 1997

Congratulations! Your site has been selected by Hit The Beach! as the Wave of the Day for March 15, 1997.


March 15, 1997

Dear Webmaster,

Congratulations! Your site will be the Cool Site of the Hour for the next hour.

Cool Site of the Hour is the first of its kind, and you are now one of the chosen few to participate in this historic event. Cool Central is devoted exclusively to the best sites the Web has to offer, and yours is definitely one of them.

Thanks for being such a great site, and for helping to make the Web a cooler place.

The Staff at

February 7, 1997


Congratulations, you have won Chrystal's Cool Site Award!!! I checked your pages and really enjoyed myself. You did a great job. Keep it up.

There you go! Keep up the great work!

November 24, 1996

I am going to feature your site as my pick of the month on my dinky little page. I enjoyed your site and will be back frequently.

November 10, 1996

Congratulations! Your site has been selected by the site reviewers at Electric Reality for the E-Site of the Week! This award is given each week to a site which has a good layout, superior content and proves to be lots of fun for visitors!

BEACHBUM'z World is a hilarious site that defenitly deserves checking out. It includes anvil dropping, mime sounds, bad advice and the popular Internet pregnancy test.

Congratulations again and good luck.

Electric Reality
E-Site of the Week Staff

Novermber 9, 1996

Congratulations! You're Site was chosen "Surfin' The Web Pick Of The Day."

November 3, 1996

Hi Randy
You have won The HTML Fairy Seal of Approval. Fun page you have there!

Peace and Love,

November 1, 1996

Guess what..... you won the 100% groovy award from Greg's Groovy Page!

October 27, 1996

Dear Randy,

YUP YUP YUP... it is ACTUALLY true... you are the proud recipient of THE GREAT GOO AWARD! For the first week (or so) you will be featured on THE GREAT GOO AWARD - OMAR'S HOTSPOTS OF THE WEEK... from there your link will be place permanently on THE GREAT GOO AWARD RECIPIENTS page.

That's all there is to it! Congratulations on your new found fame and keep up the groovy work!


October 24, 1996


It gives me great pleasure to present you with the "Web Site Excellence Award!" I think your web site is outstanding! You should be "darn" proud of yourself!

Once again, please accept my congratulations and "Web Site Excellence Award" for a job well done!! Bravo!!

Donna Hornung

October 22, 1996


Congratulations!!!!! You're site has qualified for my "Silver Award".

Again Congratulations,

October 22, 1996

Congratulations Randy,

Your website has been approved for the 'Elite Touch of Class' award. Presented to sites for the 'Class Act Of Excellence' within their pages.

Again congratulations,

October 22, 1996

Congratulations your site has been selected to receive Patty's Place Award of Excellence.

P.S. (Note from Retta) You have a really neat web page. Very easy to move around in. Your hard work and talent shows. I enjoyed previewing it for Patty's award.

October 21, 1996

Dropping an anvil on Bob Dole's head was very entertaining, the World-o-Sporks page was very informative, but I think the Eye Chart has a subliminal message in it.

October 11, 1996

Hiya BeachBum!
Your page is SO entertaining!!! You've put a lot of great work into yournto your site. I would definitely like to award you the ShadowDreams Elite Site of Entertainment Award... it is well deserved. This award represents your great page layout, design and content. And of course, please link it back to my homepage at :

Thanks, and good luck with your page!

October 3, 1996

You got it, Randy! Congrats... And I really enjoyed dropping the anvil on Bob Dole... : )


September 28, 1996

Mostest Excellent Work... :) You, as the author of the page are being awarded The Best of American HTML award.


September 28, 1996


Congratulations! You have been awarded "The Lady's Rose Award". Your true devotion to great design and content have qualified you for this award. I am very impressed with the lengths you have gone to create a truly interesting, fun and impressive site.


September 26, 1996

Congratulations !

Your site is excellent and it deserve to be awarded with The Golden Grail. Keep up the good work...

September 22, 1996

Congrats! Your site has been chosen for The Award Ward Award!

-Kenneth Merenda II

September 22, 1996

Hi Randy,

Very entertaining page. I really enjoyed your bad advice...Glad I have never experienced any of those warts..

Thanks and congrats,

September 21, 1996

Congratulations.... We (The Northup's) are pleased to announce that you have won the Royal Home Page Award! During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!

Great job and Congratulations
The Northup's

September 21, 1996


You have been awarded "Jaime's Wild Web Page Award" *round of applause*...lucky you!!! Would you stop looking so thrilled... then again, who can blame you!! heehee

Great page!!! I love the lil surfer man on the top... too cool

Have a good one!!!


September 19, 1996

Congratulations!! You have just received the Lucky 7: Best Of The Web Award.

Mark Hoffman

September 18, 1996

BEACHBUM'z World has been chosen at Puppy's Pick for September 18, 1996.

September 8, 1996

BEACHBUM'z World is great, & will be added to the "Other People's Hotlists" section.

Keep up the good work!

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