There are many comfortable hotels available in Luxembourg. The following list should satisfy your needs.


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 Luxembourg City

 Hôtel-Restaurant De L'Avenue
43, avenue de la Liberté
L-1931 Luxembourg
Phone: 49 41 51
 Completely renovated rooms. Situated in the city centre, next to the station.
 Single bed/bath: $53.10
1500 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $70.80
2000 Lux fr.
Hôtel Parco Polo ****
27, rue du Fort Neipperg
L-2230 Luxembourg
Phone: 40 48 84
 The hotel lies in the city centre, next to the station and the Air Terminal.
 Single bed/bath: $109.73
3100 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $129.20
3650 Lux fr.
 Hôtel-Restaurant President ****
32, place de la Gare
B.P. 2480
L-1024 Luxembourg

Phone: 48 61 61
Fax: 48 61 80
 Ideal situation, in front of the station and 200 m from the city centre. Friendly service.
 Single bed/bath: $155.75-194.69
4400-5500 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $205.31-226.55
5800-6400 Lux fr.
 Hôtel-Restaurant Nobilis ****
47, avenue de la Gare
L-1611 Luxembourg

Phone: 49 49 71
Fax: 40 31 01
 Station at a few steps. In the heart of the city. Air conditioned and sound-proofed rooms. Parking
 Single bed/bath: $106.20-127.43
3000-3600 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $127.43-148.67
3600-4200 Lux fr.

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 Auberge-Restaurant Du Château **
74-80, Grand-rue
B.P. 15
L-9401 Vianden

Phone: 8 45 74
Fax: 8 47 20
 25 years Auberge du Château. Jubilee package.
 Single bed/bath: $67.26-77.88
1900-2200 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $88.49-102.65
2500-2900 Lux fr.
 Hôtel-Restaurant Collette **
68-70 Grand-rue
L-9410 Vianden

Phone: 8 40 04
Fax: 8 47 05

 Ancient manor-house (15th century). Nice and tasteful interior.  Single bed/bath: $53.10-63.72
1500-1800 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $70.80-99.12
2000-2800 Lux fr.

 Hôtel-Restaurant Heintz ***
55, Grand-rue
L-9410 Vianden

Phone: 8 41 55
Fax: 8 45 59

 Former monastery, completely renovated. Owned by the same family for 4 generations. Private parking.

 Single bed/bath: $53.10-70.80
1500-2000 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $70.80-99.12
2000-2800 Lux fr.

 Hôtel Oranienburg ****
Restaurant Le Châtelain
126, Grand'rue
B.P. 21
L-9401 Vianden

Phone: 8 42 24
Fax: 8 43 33

 Family-run hotel. Warm and cosy atmosphere. Comfortable. Excellent cuisine.

 Single bed/bath: $63.72-99.12
1800-2800 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $81.42-118.58
2300-3350 Lux fr.

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 Golf-Hôtel-Restaurant Le Claravallis ****
3, rue de la Gare
B.P. 3
L-9701 Clervaux

Phone: 9 10 34
Fax: 92 90 89
 Smart family-run hotel. Gastronomic packages: midweek, weekend and golf.  Single bed/bath: $49.56-70.80
1400-2000 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $77.86-113.27
2200-3200 Lux fr.

Auberge-Restaurant Des Ardennes ***
22, Grand'rue
:L-9710 Clervaux

Phone: 92 02 54
Fax: 92 93 99
 In the heart of the pedestrian mall. Restaurant and outdoor terrace on both sides of the hotel.  Single bed/bath: N/A

Double bed/bath: $72.56-83.19
2050-2350 Lux fr.
 Hôtel-Restaurant Koener ***
14, Grand-rue
B.P. 10
L-9701 Clervaux

Phone: 9 10 02
Fax: 92 08 26

 Located in the pedestrian mall. Traditional cuisine in a charming atmosphere.  Single bed/bath: $49.56-60.18
1400-1700 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $74.34-92.03
2100-2600 Lux fr.

 Hôtel-Restaurant Du Parc ***
2, rue du Parc
B.P. 39
L-9701 Clervaux

Phone: 92 06 50
Fax: 9 10 68

 Former manor-house, surrounded by a lovely natural park. Comfortable and modern rooms.  Single bed/bath: $53.09
1500 Lux fr.

Double bed/bath: $81.42-95.58
2300-2700 Lux fr.

For more information about hotels, visit the Luxembourg Hotels site.

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Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are an excellent alternative if you are traveling on a budget and don't mind forgoing some of the luxeries of home. For a minimal fee, you are provided a bed, shower and possibly access to a kitchen. The amenities can vary from hostel to hostel.
They are also an option if you are interested in meeting other travelers. If you do decide to stay in a youth hostel, chances are that you'll have the opportunity to meet other interesting people.
A membership card issued by one of the youth hostels associations affiliated to the International Federation (Hostelling International) is necessary. It may also be bought at any youth hostel.
Various programs of activities are offered to young people between March and October. Most youth hostels are linked together by marked footpaths of between 16 and 32 km. A list of youth hostels, a list of topographical maps and information about the activity programmes can be obtained from:

Centrale des Auberges Luxembourgeoises
18 , place d'Armes
P.O. Box 374
L-2013 Luxembourg

Tel: 22 55 88

Fax: 46 39 87

All of the above information was taken from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1996 Hotels & Restaurants and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Tourist Info.

Both are published by: Office National du Tourisme
P.O. Box 1001
L-1010 Luxembourg

Tel. 40 08 08-1
Fax: 40 47 48

All prices are based on the exchange rate of $1.00=28,25 Lux. francs.


Another great way to visit Luxembourg is to go camping! You can visit the APC Camp Sites in Luxembourg site for more information.

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