The Luxembourg language (Letzebuergesch) is classified as a west Mosel Frankish dialect. It has Germanic origins but has existed as a distinctly seperate language for nearly one thousand years.

Here is a list of some simple Letzebuergesch words and phrases with the English translations. I am not sure of the spelling, but I don't think it matters much. When I ask two Luxembourgers to spell the same word, I usually get at least three different spellings.

If you use a few of these phrases in Luxembourg, you will probably startle the natives. They seldom encounter any foreign visitors who understand even one word of their native tongue.


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Luxembourgish Pronounciation English
Moien moy - yen Good morning

Good day

Novent no - vent Good evening
Noecht nesh - t Good night
Wei ass et? veh - ahs - et How are you?
Eddy eddy Goodbye

(i.e. adieu)

Avuhr av - oor See you later.
Wann ech gelift. vann - esh - ge - lift Please - at your service.
Entschelecht ent - shuel - esht Excuse me.
freck frec darn
joh yoh yes
nee nay no
maio may - yoh for sure
Ech verstinn guer naecht. Esh fur - shtin guhr nesht. I don't understand a thing.
Ech schwaetzen bessen Letzebuergesch. Esh shvetz - en bissen Letz - e - boor - zhish. I speak a bit of Luxembourgish.


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