Changes to the Rules

These are my changes to the Rules:



When you reach Crown of Command square roll 1D8 die to see what final you have to face:

Besides there are other two type of possible finals:

Adventure Cards:
Board Squares:

Generally places where is written to roll a die (ex. Forest, Crags) must be visited after you encounter Enemies, Strangers or else laying over there.

City and Village

Dungeon and City, Talisman expansions even of the board and not only of Adventure Card and Spell pile, are good ideas, but very uncomfortable to use, in fact if you want to play with all boards and expansions you must have a table 10 square metres large!!!! So I have eliminated extra boards, introducing new ways to draw Dungeon and City cards.
You may draw Dungeon Cards only when Dungeon Doorways (cards of Adventure pile) will be introduced. City new rules are more complicated: City Cards can be drawn to the City and to the Village. If you arrives there, you may: Once terminated, City pile won't be shuffled again; only drawn cards and standard locations will remain available.
Every reference to the Royal Castle must be referred to Middle Region Castle.
Every reference to City boards locations must be referred to City square on main board.

Changes to obtain Character expansions:

To obtain BREED OF THE ANCIENTS expansion you must lose in combat with any Ancient. Roll 1D8, on a roll of 1 you are infected by Ancient disease (take breed card as a reminder). Continue playing as normal but, when you die, instead of drawing another Character, become the orrendous Breed of the Ancients! Go back to 4 Lives, lose 3 point of Strength and Craft (but not below Breed starting values), retain all Object, Gold, Spells and Followers and take the Breed expansion card. When one Character is infected or become Breed stop rolling the die for infection.
Here is Breed of the Ancients card:

To obtain SENESCHALC expansion you must solve royal family murder riddle (Adventure Card). If you carry out the inquiry roll 1D4 die to find out motive and guilty of the crime:

You have to be on the same square of the guilty to take him as Follower; you obtain Seneschalc expansion by taking the Guilty to City or Castle.
Here is Seneschalc card:

To obtain HIGH PRIEST expansion you must obtain 11-12 on the Altar (Adventure Card). Here is High Priest card:

To obtain HIGH MAGE expansion you must have at least Craft 4; go to Mage Tomb and seek out previous High Mage familiar. Give him 2 Magic Objects (discard them), lose 2 turns to study and then submit to its judge (roll a die):
1 - Failure: you become a toad for 3 turns.
2 - Failure: you lose 1 Craft.
3 - Failure: nothing happens.
4 - Lose other 2 turns and reroll the die.
5 - Success: you are the new High Mage!
6 - Success: you are the new High Mage and you can add 1 to your Craft!

To obtain SHERIFF expansion you must defeat the Corrupted Sheriff or satify Royal Decree (Adventure Card).

Changes to Character expansions:
Changes to City Cards:

If you have any ideas for new cards or modifies to those already existent, feel free to send me an e-mail

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