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destined to become one of the greatest of all to ever grace the face of the World Wide Web, if not THE greatest. And guess what? You can help to make it happen!

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- In order to have your site enlisted with the most powerful RPG webring network, the following steps must be taken and qualifications must be completed:

1.Your site must feature a significant amount of content of relation and relevance to Role Playing Games (i.e. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Ogre Battle, etc.) Site content should current and subject to frequent or steady updates and should strive to present itself from a unique perspective or point of view.

To reiterate: you don't have to be original with material! Actually that would be nearly impossible to on the WWW. But you should make a genuine effort to be creative in how you present it. Being current also doesn't mean that you must have up-to-the-latest news on the next release. Archive and 'reflective sites' are more than welcome, just so long that they are maintained and updated.
2. You must copy the HTML code for the RPG Forum Webring into your page's HTML. Click HERE for more details.
3. You must complete the form below and submit it. Be sure to record your ID number when you recieve it. It is very important that you do this so that you can use it to prepare the code on your site for entry into the ring
4. Once you receive your site ID number, you must change the HTML coding accordingly for the RPG Forum Webring on your page so that your ID# is placed in the URLs for PREV 5, SKIP PREV, PREV, NEXT, SKIP NEXT, and NEXT 5, as well as SKIP NEXT. It is required that you place your ID# accordingly in these places, so that the integrity of the ring will be ensured.
5. Upon completing all of the above, you must submit an E-mail to the master of The RPG Forum Network Webring which includes your ID# and site address. If your E-mail finds him in a good mood (and it usually does), he checks out your site and deems it worthy to be "among the BEST" then lo and behold, your website will be removed from the Queue of hades and will join the Webring as an affiliate of The Role Playing Gamers Forum Network!
Any questions, comments, gripes, complaints, suggestions, and/or praises should be directed to the Ringmaster.

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