Joining Page

Joining the battle is easy:

Send either Vegeta or Venom an email with all of the following:

1. Your character's name

2. Your Character's race

3. His/her Biography if he/she is made up

4. How you want to distribute your stats

5. 5 moves for your character (pick them from my moves page)

6. A picture for your character (Its not mandatory but i won't supply one)

7. Read the rules (Important)

8. Make sure to check the Messageboard often because thats the way we communicate

9. Participate (Don't join unless you are gonna be playing often)

10. Also you need to give us 3 password/filename like names this will be used to keep a secret page for your eyes only 1 of the names will be selected of the 3 we will inform you of which one (For instance, if ur Character's name is Vegeta ur password could be vegeta783)

Its that simple.

We add members on the weekends