Mothball: [verb] to withdraw from use or service and keep in reserve

i will not be updating this page anytime soon. i have done so in anticipation of a new site, collide: a new life, a new game. this page [wads life] will be present for your convenience.

the pages are mothballed as of 19 december 99. they are likely to stay mothballed for eternity.

how does this affect me, the reader?

if you are reading them, you should know that the information might not be totally current. of course, this doesn't mean the pages won't be useful to read or take info from. i will still have all the archives replenished and such, and the guestbooks will still work.

if you want to e-mail me about them, to ask further questions or to suggest additions or corrections to the existing information, then the response might not be as quick as you'd like.