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Coffee In Vienna

...the legend

During the Turkish seige of Vienna of 1683 there was one Georg Kolschitzsky, whose dangerous mission was to run messages through enemy lines. When the Turks retreated, he found some coffee beans they left behind and started Vienna's first coffeehouse.The idea caught on and today, as in the past 300 years, Vienna is noted for it's coffeehouses. Around the turn of the century, coffeehouses were the meeting places of artists, writers, philosophers, and in general...the entire middle class!

Some famous coffeehouses of today are, in the First District, Cafe Hawelka on Dorotheergasse. Here you can see, hanging on the walls, the artwork that the now-famous artists used as payment for their coffee!. On the Ring are several well-known establishments: Cafe Landtmann, near the Burg Theater, and Cafe Pruckel among them.

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