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All About Me

I'd like to tell you a little something about life hopes and dreams.... and perhaps share some of my experiences with you. My name is Bonnie and I live with my husband Vince, in a small lake community in South Jersey. We have two beautiful red-headed daughters, Andrea and Megan.

This is our home. We've only lived here for a few months. We have yet to enjoy our first summer on the lake, but the Fall was wonderful and I'm looking forward to the first big snowfall! Another event we are happily anticipating is the annual "lake-parade" in the Spring, when residents decorate their boats and float around the lake vying for prizes. So far, everyone that we have met here is extremely kind and helpful.

1996 was a big year for us in several ways. The move to the lake was a big event, but an even more important event took place in July! On July 23, 1996, Juan Carlos Santiago was born to our Megan. He was a whopping 9lbs. 3 and 1/2 oz. And 21 inches from stem to stern. He was, and is, the most beautiful baby in the world ! (Of course I'm not the least bit biased!)

This is Carlos... otherwise known as "Boo-Boo" at 4 months. What an exciting life he has led so far! He has met "the hairy beast" (our Cocker Spaniel, Taffy) As well as the two cat and one kitten, and our parrot. He met Santa Clause at the mall, and while waiting in line, he charmed everyone (as usual) with his smiles and good humor. He laughs more than any baby I have ever seen...despite the fact that he just cut his first two teeth! Mommy and Daddy, (Megan and Carlos Sr) are doing a marvelous job of raising a happy, healthy baby. I'm very proud of all three of them!

This is Carlos and his Mom on Halloween

And here they are at Christmas!

And this is the famous HAIRY BEAST!! Taffy is such a doofus... he thinks he's a person...hmmm....maybe he is.

Another significant event of 1996 concerns my profession. I am a teacher. I hold a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Reading Education, and I am certified as a Reading Specialist as well as a Teacher of Reading for grades K-12. I taught Communications Lab in a High School...which means I taught reading and writing, primarily to those students who were at risk for failing the New Jersey High School Proficiency Test...and thereby unable to graduate with a High School Diploma. I loved my students, my employers, my fellow teachers, and my job. But unfortunately, due to health problems, I was granted a disability retirement. At first I hated it! But now I'm getting used to it...and realize I must concentrate on improving my health as much as possible. So...I have taken up website construction as a hobby!

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