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Hm... this web site hasn't been updated in ... maybe a 100 years *(web time). I'll have to do something about that. One day. Real soon now.
OK, here it is.
My li'l ol' corner of the web...
My little corner of the web. MY contribution to society, such as it is (such as society is, not my contribution). My thoughts, my thoughts, and my thoughts. Geeze, a little megalomania there? Nah, just recognizing what the web is: A reflection of it's owner/user/client/customer/our selves. Once you realize that, everything else is easy. Once you realize that, you no longer have to take offense at what some a-hole (um, like ME for instance) writes. Once you know the secret (and, by default, NOW you do) it's your OWN fault (ok, responsibility) if you're offended.

How does this carry over into real life? Well, for instance, now, you have no reason (or excuse) to be offended by every thing that someone says. Don't like it? Leave. Or say something back. Or ignore them. Or don't. But, unless it turns out that you get some REAL, i.e. physical or fiscal damage done to you, don't whine about it. What's this really all about? Taking responsibility. Being your own person. Not carrying what others think. Not expecting others to take care of you. Not being willing to allow others to boss you around or do things "for your own good". If anybody is going to do something for "YOUR own good", it'd better be you. Otherwise, you're giving your rights, and your life, away. At the same time, you lose the "right" to tell others what to do.

"I don't like the way you talk, the words you use, the thoughts you think, the things that you own,..." It doesn't wash any more. It doesn't WORK. Period. People have given so much of their responsibility to the gov't or similar organs, and they seem to expect the gov't not only to take care of THEM, but to force others to give up THEIR rights (read that as "To STEAL the rights of others") under the guise of "for the good of all".

You've got to BEG the gov't to disconnect your airbags. The gov't tells you that your car isn't efficient enough (never mind that a new car can easily cost as much as a small house). "It's for your own good." Not to mention the good of the gov't and the manufacturers.

You've got to have a "newer" AC in your car. Why? Because of someone's (flawed) computer model saying that "there's a HOLE in the OZONE!!!" If it's true that our ozone layer is leaving, how much of that is due to industry instead of consumers? But, it's easier to get consumers to bite the BULLet and shell out their money. It's a gov't-controlled consumer-economy. The same with "air quality". The gov't is trying to put more restrictions in place due to "air quality". So, the consumers have to bite the BULLet and shell out THEIR money. The majority of the pollution somes from industry. But, industry represents few(er), large(r) interests, and those interests seem to hold more sway over OUR "representatives" than WE do. Really, when was the last time that YOU were represented? I've NEVER been represented. I've been resented, and repressed, and sent, but never represented -- otherwise things would be different. How? Well, how much do you pay in taxes? How much of that do you agree with? How much of that would you be willing to give voluntarally? Would YOU give $100 Million+ to the NEA? I wouldn't. I always figured that if an artist was any good, they'd find a patron. I don't want to BE anyone's patron, or I WOULD be. On my own. That should be a VOLUNTARY 'contribution', not grounds for taking your house and bank account if you disagree on how much you should have to pay in taxes. How much would YOU want to give to any country, right and left, that hinted that they would use a couple Billion dollars? How much would YOU want of YOUR money given to pet projects in other states? IMPORTANT projects, "for the good of all", like train museums? How much of YOUR money would you want spent paying farmers not to grow. How much of YOUR money would you want wasted by ordering farmers to dump their products -- and threatening to sue them if they don't? This forces food costs up (out of your pocket) and forces farmers to be idle (out of your pocket). How much of YOUR money would you want to go to projects in other states? If you get a chance, sit down and try to get a look at how much of YOUR money is spent by OUR gov't and on what. What would YOU want cut out, or reduced?

And "the people" don't get the shaft JUST from the FEDERAL gov't... the STATES get the shaft, and generally, they're more than a little interested in passing that shaft along to the final "consumer", you, Mr. People. Did you know (or care) that the States give their money to the Federal gov't which then may or may not give it back based on how it views the States enforcing more and more laws which encroach on OUR freedom? The most evident example was what happened during the 70's. A fake oil crisis, and the then president, Nixon, setting a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. The States were told that, if they didn't enforce it, they wouldn't get their own money back for highways and other infrastructures. Not that the States minded that much, because then it also became very profitable to increase the police forces to deal with the scoff- laws (never mind that it was a needless, useless, un-enforcable law). Income from traffic courts sky-rocketed. The police became glorified toll-takers in a reverse lottery, but with the added threat of being able to punish those who paid the toll. Insurance companies were happy to go along, because they got to raise their rates. Car companies because the increased gasoline prices pushed consumers to buy marginally more efficient cars. EVERYbody won! Except you and I.

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