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Roger Maberto

Early in 1968 I traveled as a U.S. Marine to Vietnam , once I had gotten used to my surroundings I purchased a camera. Because I was in country for months at a time, I had to use as little film as possible and get the most out of it, I was still a U.S.Marine in a combat zone, not a photographer on holiday ... My love for photography grew as I photographed the people and landscapes as we traveled through Vietnam on patrols and operations... The kids of Vietnam I enjoyed the most ... These kids were caught up in a war with no escape, my fellow Marines and I befriended some of them and looked forward to seeing them on our patrols near their villages ...

I currently supervise the Charity Dock in downtown Los Angeles at the L.A. Wholesale Produce Market for Children's Network International, a Christian relief organization which serves the Los Angeles area and has missionaries,schools and childrens hospitals in other countries outside the United States ... We distribute produce and foods to agencies, food kitchens, senior citizen homes, re-habilation homes, and churches which distribute these foods to the homeless and needy people in the greater Los Angeles area ... When I have free time I pursue my other passion; photography ...

The adventurious part of being out in the wilderness has never left me, whether I was in the jungles of Vietnam or in one of the canyons in the southwest United States, I find these are the places that are the most beautiful and exciting ... I've found that hiking in the Grand Staircase area of Utah is the most rewarding ... 100's of canyons and most of them are worth photographing ... With just a little effort you can fulfill your exploring urges and with a few photographs take away something to show for it ... Two of the most photogenic canyons are the Antelopes Canyons in Arizona they are featured on our Arizona page ... Death Valley is another of my favorite places, the beauty of the desert landscape can be intoxicationg ... I encourage photographers and site seekers alike to take the time to explore them and some of the other parts of our beautiful country ... I have included links to other web sites if you are interested in tours of these areas with experience guides ... With a little reseach you can go to these places yourself ...

As for me, I recently had an article published in Outdoor & Nature Photography Magazine ... A special on Death Valley ... If you are interested in photography,or need any information on photographic areas,tours,pictures of my photos, or directions to sites, I'll try to guide you, or if you just want to chat drop me a line ... I'll e-mail you back as soon as is possible ... I hope this web site will encourage you to explore, and enjoy this wonderful country we live in and to realize that there is more to life than staying in our cities and watching TV ...

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