Smiley's Playroom *smile*

Hi!! This is Smiley's Playroom, I have just started this homepage! so bear...with me..

I love bananas!!!!

*smile* I remember when I was about 5 yrs old I used to put bananas in my hair, I would mush them up in my hair just like shampoo! Then I would put the bowl on top of my head. he he.. So that is why my family thought I ended up with curly hair. *smile*

Hmm well just a little about myself I grew up in Arvada, Colorado which is a suberb of Denver, I lived in the same house....for 16 yrs...a green one and we lived near a greenbelt. There was this hill right by our house so me and my sister could go sleding whenever we wanted. We bought these cool Thundertubes and would make huge jumps and fly into the air, sometimes we would go double with friends and would end up popping them though.

Obviously since I grew up in Colorado I love to ski!! I guess some people don't though!!

My favorite places to ski are Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Winter Park-Mary Jane!

I started when I was 5 yrs old so I guess you could say that I grew up in a snowdrift! *lol* I have tons of stories of the subject so if you are a ski buff like me...with can chat forever...

I love dolphins too! they are so cute and they are so smart! this is a cool picture that I had to put on...after my glass dolphin...maynard...

To go see the best place on the net click on this smiley face:

This is Guinevere's Bookshelf!
Gwen has some really cool links that you have to check out!
Also her pet hedgehog, Perseus is sooo cool!
Gwen and Krissy both gave me the incentive to create my own homepage! *smile*


Krissy is my sweetie, I love her so much,

If you want to go to my sweetie's page click on my heart which beats for her..:

I have this sign search cuz I was searching for my true love, but now I have found her!

I love you DeAnn! (aka...Krissy)

This is what my sweetie Krissy says all the time which I think is so cute:

This is for my you go...

Since she loves apples....

This sign symbolizes how sexy my sweetie Krissy is...*smile*

*kiss* she is so polite, caring, thoughtful, sexy, has a really sexy voice, talkative...I like that, cute, understanding, has a positive outlook, she cares about how I feel, I care about how she feels, I love her, she loves me, she is sensitive, she has sparkeling blue eyes,

beautiful brown curly hair, and I feel so whole when I am with her!!!!

I love receiving her emails, letters and phone calls!

She has a cool bird named Pretty! Krissy is so pretty just like the name of her bird! I like the way she says.."Hi you!", "sleep tight", and "Cool!" I saw her last weekend!!!! We of course snuggled, hugged and kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *big smile*

I can't wait to hold her tight and snuggle............!!!!!!!!! *smile* I love you DeAnn!

I can't wait to hold her tight again....feeling her soft body next to my firm one...snuggling in close to her....curling up in her lap and giving her sweet tender kisses..!!!!!!! *smile* Here are some flowers for you my Sweet adorable Princess:

I am DeAnn's Night in Shinning Armor....*smile*...

I love pics! and Coca-Cola! *smile*

to go see a cool place for pics click on this six pack of coke:

You will have to excuse the low number on my counter I just got it!

To go to my chatting page, just click on this coke sign:

Here you can go to the articulate via my chatting page! *smile*

The articulate is sooo cool. check it out.

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