By Rev. Susan C.M. Scott of Shelton Connecticut

Santa and his reindeer were following the coast
New London and Misquamicut were first to act as his host
To Nicholas and Nimble and his herd of flying deer
Then they headed up Rhode Island's shore, spreading Christmas Cheer.

But when they looked toward Beavertail to get their heavenly bearings
They saw no beacon burning bright, to tell how they were faring
The lighthouse tower stood darkened, and standing near the
lens, The desperate "wickie" tried in vain to light the lamp again.

Old Santa said to helper elves: "It looks like while we're here,
We'll have to do a little more than spread some Christmas cheer."
He brought his sleigh to rest upon the rugged coastal rocks.
He unhitched all his reindeer and pulled up his drooping socks.

The Night Before Christmas Story

Then he whispered to young Rudolph with his nose ashine:
"Come along with me, good buddy...there's some stairs we have to climb.
A special new assignment I'll be giving you tonight:
To stand inside this Fresnel lens and blink your red nose to light."

So up the stairs went Rudolph, Santa pushed him from the rear
'Til at least they reached the lampey and whispered in his ear.
"It just might work!" the Keeper cried, then he taught that clever deer
The timing of the flashes that means: Beavertail is here!

And out upon the open seas where sailors scan the land
For beams of light to guide them and warn of shoals and sand,
Some puzzled sailors wondered why Beavertail that night
Was flashing out a Christmas red, instead of brillant white.

They conjured that the lighthouse "Keep" had caught the Christmas spirit,
And beaming it right out to them from atop his lighthouse turret!

Christmas and New Year's Countdown

Only days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until Christmas!!!
Only days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until New Years!!!

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