That's my name. Estel Bradley Murdock.
Murdock is seaman, or sailor, Bradley is broad meadow, and Estel comes from the Latin for star.
This is a picture of me
and some of my philosophy
Read about Vicky.
She was murdered 4 times!
Read about a young mountain girl in love.
Read about a young Native American boy.
He goes out to prove his manhood and comes back a man to take what is rightfully his.
Link here for 60 Degree Coordinate Geometry
Kung Fu
Here are some old pictures of our family
Here are some more stories:
About Me as a Boy in Roswell
Some of my Poems
A Dream I Had About War
A Modern Messiah
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to read my stories.
Read about Ice, a planet they couldn't conquer
This is a Story of MY DAD
Here are some Pictures of my Family
My Ancestors
In Search of Intelligence
a story of a man lost on the other side of the galaxy