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This web site is dedicated to all the wonderful creatures of the world.Some "animal lovers", like myself may be offended by some of the content on this site,but I assure you I would never intentionally cause or promote harm to any living creature.I have just merely added some humor to this page and if you visit the Meet the Founder page you will learn where the nickname " ROADKILL " came from.Anyways I have created this page for the purpose of educating people about the many different classes of the Animal Kingdom.I will do my best to give information as well as pictures to give you a better understanding of the many different species of animals.Since it will be impossible to supply information and pictures of each and every animal existing today,I will break it down class by class and only give a few examples of each.I hope this site will teach everyone about the animals we share our planet with and to acknowledge all of Gods facinating creatures.

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The Roadkill Cafe Menu

A Taste of the Wild Side

 Squirrel Kabobs          $ 150.00      Ground Gopher Casserole   $ 35.00
 Prairie Dog on a Stick     $ 5.00      Grizzly Tenderloin      $ 2000.00
 Bumper Bambi Fon Dou     $ 500.00      Refried Raccoon          $ 175.00
 Marinated Moose         $ 6500.00      Woodchuck Chops          $ 100.00
 Antelope Steak           $ 175.00      Bullfrog Benidict          $ 4.00
 Fried Ferret              $ 12.00      Poodles and Noodles       $ 18.00
 Lion Lasagne            $ 2800.00      Baked Beaver               $ 8.00
 Porcupine Pizza           $ 22.00      Skunk Salad               $ 10.00
 Toad Tortillas             $ 7.00      Badger Burger             $ 25.00
 Armadillo Al'La'King      $ 14.00      Llama Loaf               $ 165.00
 Roasted Rabbit with Chunks of Chipmunk Stew                      $ 85.00

Canine Cusine

 Slab of Lab               $ 25.00      Pit Bull Pot Pie         $ 14.00
 Cocker Cutlets            $ 12.00      Shar-Pei Filet           $ 17.00
 Collie Hit by a Trollie   $ 23.00      Snippet of Whippet       $ 18.00
 German Shepherd Pie       $ 20.00      Round of Hound           $ 15.00
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A Daily Special Treat

If you can guess what it is

You Eat it for FREE

* all prices reflect cost of vehicle repairs *
* all meals served with Wildabeast won-tons and a pitcher of Miller Lite *

And The Roadkill Cookbook

Squirrel Kabobs - Grill chunks of squirrel over medium heat. Next prepare a desired selection of vegetables.Place chunks of squirrel and vegetables on a desired number of skewers and place on grill.Grill until vegetables are done.The result is a kabob above all kabobs.

Prairie Dog on a stick - Carefully skin and gut prairie dog. Next prepare batter by taking 8 crushed crackers mixed with 3 beaten eggs.Dip prairie dog into batter then dip into a fryer set at 350 degrees.Cook until golden brown.

Roasted Rabbit with chunks of Chipmunk Stew - First prepare rabbit by slowly roasting it in an oven set at 325 degrees and roast for 1 and 1/2 hours. Next slice chipmunk into 1 in. squares then fry over low heat.Next prepare a selected variety of vegetables.Chop vegetables and saute over low heat for 5 minutes or until brown.When vegetables and chipmunk slices are thoroughly cooked place in a bowl and add 1 packet of brown gravy mix.Next add 1 and 1/2 cups of water to bowl and simmer over medium heat.Stir until thickend.When rabbit is done roasting place it onto a large platter.Next take the bowl of chipmunk slices and vegetables mixed with the brown gravy and pour over rabbit.Now you may finally sit down and enjoy.

* Next here are some recommended links for the serious nature nut *

The International Wolf Center...Located in Ely,Mn * Excellent site relating to wolves *
Animal Planet* The Discovery Channels all animal web site *
The Minnesota Raptor Center * International medical facility for birds of prey *
Nature notes
E-Cards * send a wildlife postcard to someone *
World Wildlife Fund * another great animal related site *
The National Zoo * one of my favorite sites *

Now it is time to meet the animals


Carnivores are animals that rely on eating other animals in order to survive.These animals have powerful jaws and teeth which are specialized for biting and tearing.Carnivores must hunt for their food.Some hunt in packs while others hunt alone.Hunting food requires these animals to be sleek,strong,quick,and alert.The senses of these animals are finely tuned. They are the hunting beasts of the animal world. Carnivores are classified under five different groups:the dogs(canids),bears(ursids), raccoons(procyonids),weasels(mustelids),and cats(felids).Below I will supply facts and examples of each group.

The dogs (canids) - Most canids have long legs,a narrow snout, large pointed ears,and a long tail.Canid feet are distinctive.Each has four toes that touch the ground and a prominent rear pad.The pad is not really a heel.The pad is what gives these animals their excellent support while running.Long travel is necessary for these animals to find enough prey for them to survive.Canids hunt animals in an exclusive territory usually in packs.These territories are marked by urine and feces to let other canid packs know that a certain area is already taken.Canid territories are occupied by breeding pairs and their offspring.Here are some examples of canids:Wolves,foxes,and coyotes.Below I have listed a few interesting links to find out more on a specific species.

Wolf Park * Excellent informational wolf site *
The International Wolf Center...Located in Ely,Mn * The BEST informational site relating to wolves *

* Click on video below to play and make sure sound is on *


To me the wolf is the most gorgeous and misunderstood animal on the planet.
I would like to dedicate this video to all the wolves in the world.

The bears (ursids) - The ursid group belongs to the largest carnivores that walk on earth,the bears.Bears are stocky,slow moving animals.Their eyes and ears are small in realation to their large heads but are actually far keener than most people believe.Bears also have a very good sense of smell.The sense of smell can be demonstrated in their roaming.While roaming bears often pause to sniff the air for scents of food or intruders.Bears seek foods high in protein and sugars.They can eat up to 90 pounds of food per day and may gain up to 7 pounds per day.Because bears sleep(hibernate)for long periods in the winter their food supplies are seasonal.They must feed almost continuously while food is abundant.Bears mate during spring and the females will give birth in midwinter.Today,with growing numbers of people and shrinking habitats,competition for space between bears and people is more intense than ever.These truly wild animals need all the respect, attention,and living space that management can provide.

North American Bear Center * Featuring "Live" Bear Cam *
Grizzly Bears
The Bear Cave

The Mustelids (Weasles) - The mustelid group includes animals such as badgers,otters,skunks,and weasels.Most mustelids are small with long slender bodies.These animals tend to possess strenth and endurance.Their legs are short and powerful,and their five-toed feet are adapted for running, digging, climbing, and swimming.Most mustelids have scent glands which are used for defense and marking territory.A good example would be the skunk.

Otternet * Pretty good otter page *

The Cats (Felids) - Members of this group possess keen senses and muscular bodies.The front legs are armed with razor sharp claws while the hind legs provide bursts of speed and the ability to leap.Jaws and teeth are designed to seize,kill,and devour other animals.Felids have the largest and sharpest eyes of all the carnivores.Their night vision is far better than other animals. Felids usually live in rocky areas or areas with dense cover.When felids hunt they stalk and spring upon thier prey.They can kill and overpower animals twice thier size.They usually kill thier prey by inflicting deadly wounds to the neck and throat.Some examples of felids would be the tiger,the bobcat, the lynx,the ocelot,and the mountain lion.

Tiger Information Center * an excellent site containing tiger info,pictures,sounds and links *

The Procyonids (Raccoons) - Procynids are animals that have ringed tails.They range from the size of a house cat to a medium sized dog.These animals are mainly nocturnal which means they are most active at night.Procyonids will eat almost anything: mice, berries, fish, eggs, insects, fruit, and young rabbits.Examples of procyonids would include: raccoons, ringtails, and coatis.

The World Wide Raccoon Web

* Now that you have learned more about the carnivores lets take a closer look at *

The Rodents

Birds of Prey

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